Staff Directory
 Timothy Sheehy   President  414.287.4100 
 Mary Ellen Powers  Vice President   414.287.4100  
 Patti Marshall  Executive Assistant  414.287.4129
 Sharon Fleck  Receptionist  414.287.4100
 Kathy McLees  Chief Information Officer  414.287.4131
 Craig Kammholz  Chief Financial Officer  414.287.4163
 Barbara Stockton  Accountant  414.287.4161
 Julie Granger  Vice President  414.287.4131
 Carrie Davis  Creative Director    414.287.4157
 Jim Zehner  Communications Manager  414.287.4134
 Karen Powell  Special Events Manager  414.287.4166
 Sarah Zens  Communications Program Coordinator  414.287.4133
 Council of Small Business Executives (COSBE)
 Mary Steinbrecher  Executive Director  414.287.4128
 Stephanie Hall  Manager  414.287.4124
 Alexis Deblitz  Communications Manager  414.287.4130
 Economic Research
 Bret Mayborne  Director  414.287.4122
 Food & Beverage Manufacturing Network (FaB Milwaukee)
 Shelley Jurewicz  Executive Director  414.287.4143
 Emily Weiner  Communications & Membership Coordinator  414.287.4106
 FUEL Milwaukee
 Corry Joe Biddle  Executive Director  414.287.4137
 Sofina Ziu  Communications &
 Technology Manager
 Governmental Affairs
 Steve Baas  Vice President  414.287.4138
 Andrew Davis  Legislative Director  414.287.4141
 Debra Jordan     Executive Assistant  414.287.4127
 International Business (World Trade Association - WTA)
 Katie Henry  Executive Director  414.287.4123
 Member Services
 Cathy Harrison  Director  414.287.4159
 Barbara Smith  Senior Account Executive  414.287.4173
 Jane Backes  Account Executive  414.287.4114
 Kathy Mehling  Membership Records Coordinator  414.287.4139
 Cheryl Kupfer  Membership Coordinator  414.287.4165
 The Business Council (TBC)
 Marjorie Rucker  Executive Director  414.287.4172
 Cassandra Flagg  Executive Assistant  414.287.4108
 Regional Economic Development (Milwaukee 7)
 Pat O'Brien  President, MDC & Milwaukee 7  414.287.4112
 Jim Paetsch  Vice President  414.287.4171
 Shelley Jurewicz  Vice President  414.287.4143
 Jim Wall  Vice President, Investor Relations  414.287.4119
 Bill Burnett  Director, Global Cities Initiative  414.287.4118
 Marjorie Yoshida  Office Manager  414.287.4126