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FUEL Milwaukee is charged with making Milwaukee a destination for local and global talent. FUEL works closely with employers to improve Milwaukee's image, increase community engagement and grow more contemporary workplaces.

"Thanks to FUEL, I love Milwaukee. It gave me access to the people and places that make this city great - and I enthusiastically talk it up to others."

Park Bank


FUEL Milwaukee is in touch with what makes Milwaukee attractive to people of diverse backgrounds, professions and age groups. It works to connect professionals based on their natural affinities, then gives them an outlet to get engaged in every facet of the community.

FUEL's individual members benefit from VIP-style networking events, community service and volunteer opportunities, and an interactive online community. Similarly, FUEL's employer members benefit from best-practice and research sharing, peer networking and a cadre of resources to support their recruitment and retention efforts.

Join nearly 6,000 individuals and more than 50 employers participating in FUEL Milwaukee.

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