Market your message to the region's business leaders

MMAC members have access to one of the most valuable audiences in the metro Milwaukee market: your fellow members!  Make the most of your membership by tapping into these advertising opportunities.

For more than 150 years, the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) has been the leading business organization in metro Milwaukee. Now you can reach 1,500 companies with more than 300,000 employees across industry sectors in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington and Ozaukee counties. No other print publication and e-newsletters give you a higher level of executive readership.

An Audience of Powerful Professionals
MMAC reaches C-suite individuals and top decision makers through out the Milwaukee region.

    Packages available include:

    • Package 1: 4 full page, full color print ads plus additional 1/3 page column ad.  Also includes website and one of our e-newsletter tile ads for full year. Investment: $7,500
    • Package 2: 4 half-page full-color print ads, includes website and one of our e-newsletter tile ads for full year. Investment: $4,000


    Print Advertising

    Milwaukee Commerce
    Our award-winning quarterly magazine provides in-depth coverage of the top issues facing the metro Milwaukee business community. This four-color, glossy publication features insights from top business leaders, local economic indicators and trends and member news.

    Circulation: Approximately 3,000 business executives and community leaders read Milwaukee Commerce. The issue is also uploaded to our website archive, where it remains searchable for one year.

     Premium Placement  1X  2X  3X  4X
     Inside Front  $1,500  $1,400  $1,333  $1,125*
     Inside Back  $1,500  $1,400  $1,333  $1,125*
     Back Cover  $1,500  $1,400  $1,333  $1,125*
     Full Page  $1,000  $900  $833  $750*
     Half Page  $600  $500  $400  $350
     *includes 1/3 column ad on facing page. Can be used for a CEO profile, commentary or additional ad.

     Deadline for Editions

        Spring  Summer  Fall  Winter
     Space reservation by:  3/7/2014  5/2/2014  8/22/2014  11/7/2014
     Material due date:  3/14/2014  5/9/2014  8/29/2014  11/14/2014
     Approx. mail date:  April  June  September  December

    MMAC Membership Business Directory

    The MMAC Membership Directory and Business Resource Guide is published each year in January.  This annual publication also includes a Buying Guide which includes a listing by industry for all members.  Four color display ads, two color ads in the Buying Guide, additional company category listings and listing enhancements are available.  The publication is mailed in January to 4,000 member companies and their employees, and to economic development organizations.

    For information about advertising rates in the MMAC Directory, please contact Maribeth Delforge, publisher with MB Publications.


    Digital Advertising

    Sent to more than 5,000 members, the MMAC Insider gives members a wrap-up of both chamber and business community news, with links to photos, programs and member companies.

    Graphics are due two business days before publication. MMAC Insider emails on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. 

       1 issue  6 issues   12 issues
    (6 months)
     24 issues
    (1 year)
     Banner ad placement
     $750  $1,500  $2,500  $5,000
     Sponsor logo placement  Only available as part of our print sponsorship package



    Website receives more than 18,000 unique monthly visitors with over 500,000 hits.  Ads will be posted within three business days after receipt.

    Banner Ad Requirements
    • Ad must be RGB (web safe) color format
    • Ad must be the web standard of 72 dpi
    • Ad must be provided as a jpg or gif file
    • Leaderboard ads are 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall
       1 month  6 months  12 months
     Leaderboard  $750 $2,000   $3,000


    Purchase our Mailing List

    Mailing List Agreement

    The MMAC offers its mailing list, in the form of peel-and-stick labels or electronically to interested parties for promotional purposes. The list is comprised of contacts from all member organizations that have authorized the use of their information.

    List renters must submit a written copy of all materials to be distributed to the MMAC. The MMAC reserves the right to sell the list at its discretion. All lists contain contact name and street addresses only. This is a one-time usage rental.

    Peel-and-Stick labels
    The cost is $211.20/set for members and $528/set for non-members (including tax).   

    Electronic Mailing list
    The cost is $528.00 for MMAC members only. This list format is not available for non-members. 

    If your organization is interested in a one-time rental of the list, please contact Kathy Mehling and mail your payment to the address shown below. Orders will be filled within five working days and shipped via UPS Ground, unless otherwise arranged upon order.

    Please send payment with written copy of all materials to be distributed to:
    Kathy Mehling/Membership Services  •  756 N. Milwaukee St., Suite 400  •  Milwaukee, WI 53202