Where We Stand

A review of the Legislative year by the MMAC

This 2011-2012 Legislative Scorecard evaluates how well the votes of your elected officials represented the priorities of the MMAC in the past legislative session. The key bills included in this Scorecard were chosen because of their policy significance and their relationship to our public policy agenda.  A brief description of these pieces of legislation is included below, as well as a vote-by-vote record for each legislator.

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Portions are shown below.

Assembly Bill 1
Jobs Tax Credit
Doubling funding for the state’s Jobs Tax Credit from $5 million per year to $10 million per year.    
          Status: Signed into Law, Act 88        Scorecard Vote:  Yes on Passage/Concurrence

Assembly Bill 2
Expansion of Enterprise Zones
Increasing the number of state Enterprise Zones from 12 to 20.   
         Status: Signed into Law, Act 26        Scorecard Vote:  Yes on Passage/Concurrence

Assembly Bill 40
State Budget
Balancing state budget with no tax increases and including the expansion and accountability reforms for the Milwaukee School Choice Program; the recapture of stranded tax losses under combined reporting; and the manufacturing tax credit.
         Status: Signed into Law, Act 32        Scorecard Vote:  Yes on Passage/Concurrence

Assembly Bill 426
Allowing iron ore mining in Wisconsin.   
         Status: Passed state Assembly, failed to pass the State Senate
         Scorecard Vote:  Yes on Passage in Assembly, No on rejection of Senate Substitute Amendment 2 in Senate

Senate Bill 20
Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) Surplus Facilities
Giving the City of Milwaukee the power to sell or lease surplus MPS facilities to other schools or for other purposes. This is a key facilities piece of MMAC’s strategy to expand the number of high-performing K-12 seats available across the Milwaukee educational ecosystem.  
         Status: Signed into Law, Act 17         Scorecard Vote: Yes on Passage/Concurrence

Senate Bill 23
Sick Leave Mandate Preemption
Prohibiting local governments from imposing their own mandates concerning paid sick leave. Statutorily put an end to the MMAC v. City of Milwaukee lawsuit initiated to block imposition of the City of Milwaukee Paid Sick Leave Mandate.   
         Status: Signed into Law, Act 16        Scorecard Vote: Yes on Passage/Concurrence

Senate Bill 47
Small Business Regulatory Review Board
Strengthening business representation on the Small Business Regulatory Review Board and empowering the Board to have more oversight authority for state agency rules that impact small business.  
         Status: Signed into Law, Act 46        Scorecard Vote:  Yes on Passage/Concurrence

Senate Bill 234
Choice Clean Up
Technical clean-up bill to expedite School Choice expansions made in Act 32.  
         Status: Signed into Law, Act 47        Scorecard Vote:  Yes on Passage/Concurrence

Senate Bill 259
Milwaukee County Comptroller
Creating an elected office of Milwaukee County Comptroller with the authority to analyze and sign off on any County fiscal measures.  
         Status: Signed into Law, Act 62        Scorecard Vote:  Yes on Passage/Concurrence

Senate Bill 275
MATC Board Composition
Increasing business representation on the Milwaukee Area Technical College Board and reforming the Board selection process.   
         Status: Signed into Law, Act 286        Scorecard Vote:  Yes on Passage/Concurrence

Senate Bill 335
Vocational Diploma
Creating an option for school districts to create a Technical Skills Diploma, supplementing their existing core
requirements with a vocational skills concentration.
         Status: Signed into Law, Act 156        Scorecard Vote:  Yes on Passage/Concurrence

January Special - Session Assembly Bill 5
Supermajority Approval for General Tax Increases
Requiring a 2/3 supermajority vote by the legislature for any increase in state sales tax or the state income or franchise tax.   
         Status: Signed into Law, Act 9        Scorecard Vote:  Yes on Passage/Concurrence

January Special - Session Assembly Bill 8
Administrative Rulemaking Reform
Requiring gubernatorial approval for any proposed administrative rule prior to its implementation.  
         Status: Signed into Law, Act 21        Scorecard Vote:  Yes on Passage/Concurrence

January Special - Session Senate Bill 1
Liability Reform
Making wholesale product liability reforms, including strict liability standards, punitive damage caps and new tougher
sanctions against frivolous tort claims.  
         Status: Signed into Law, Act 2        Scorecard Vote:  Yes on Passage/Concurrence

January Special -  Session Senate Bill 2
Health Savings Account Tax Deduction
Making contributions to Health Savings Accounts deductible on Wisconsin state taxes.   
         Status: Signed into Law, Act 1         Scorecard Vote:  Yes on Passage/Concurrence

January Special - Session Senate Bill 13
Telecommunications Law Modernization
Updating Wisconsin regulation of telecommunications providers by placing all landline providers under a common
set of regulatory standards.   
         Status: Signed into Law, Act 22        Scorecard Vote:  Yes on Passage/Concurrence

State Assembly Voting Record

State Senate Voting Record

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