One of the MMAC's core objectives is to advocate for public policy that improves the region's business climate. Your political donations support that mission.

Some of our recent successes include:

  • Advocating for the removal of $350 million in new business taxes in the most recent state budget
  • Securing a jobs tax credit that encourages business relocations and expansions in our region
  • Leading the fight against the paid sick leave mandate

To reach our future goals, we need your help.

You can become personally involved in political giving through the MMAC's Political Action Committee (MAC-PAC) and Conduit. Both vehicles use the collective resources and clout of the 1,800-member base of the MMAC to support pro-business candidates and public policy at state and local government. For more information, please contact the MMAC's Governmental Affairs Vice President STEVE BAAS at or (414) 287.4138.


The MMAC Political Action Committee (MAC-PAC) takes your financial contributions and pools them into one account used by the MMAC for political donations to state and local candidates, committees and political parties.

Under the MAC-PAC name, we contribute money, follow legislative activity and make political strategy and candidate endorsement recommendations.

The MMAC Conduit

The MMAC Conduit serves as a political donation "checking account" for individual members. The account is established and remains under your name. The MMAC staff keeps records and makes recommendations for political contributions from your account, but you make the final approval to make any disbursements from your account.

Contributions to state and local candidates are made on an MMAC Conduit check, but each contributor is individually listed with an accompanying cover letter, and contributions are reported as such to the campaign.

Therefore, both you and the MMAC are recognized for the donations.

All donations to MAC-PAC and the MMAC Conduit must be personal checks. State law prohibits corporate contributions. Donations are not tax deductible.