Thriving Economy Goal: 
Fostering a climate that promotes growth of individual businesses and the collective business community

To sustain and grow the metro Milwaukee business community, MMAC works at the macro and micro levels to create a supportive business climate and foster the success of individual members. We advocate for pro-business public policies, we connect business leaders to create a strong network and we develop opportunities for greater prosperity.

This mission involves keeping our eye on the big picture while being equally attentive to the details. Do we have the right mix of economic development incentives in place to encourage business expansion and attraction? Do we have the right programs in place for our members to benefit from the latest business intelligence? It’s a balancing act that requires continuous assessment of the economic and political landscape and close communication with the members we serve.

Our advocacy efforts to reduce the tax burden and simplify the tax code have been increasingly successful in the past few years. While there is still more work to do, businesses from across the state line and across the globe have taken notice.

The Milwaukee 7, which MMAC co-founded and staffs, continues to build the region’s capacity and accelerate economic development growth.

As a region, we also need to tackle the challenges that will continue to hold us back and anticipate trends that will impact our economy. Metro Milwaukee remains under-represented in minority business development, business start-ups and seed and angel capital investment. MMAC develops targeted networks to help members work together to solve business challenges, whether as entrepreneurs, industry clusters, international importers and exporters, or ethnically-diverse businesses.

Keeping our competitive edge as a region and helping our members keep theirs is at the core of a thriving economy.

2013-2015 AGENDA

 Business Climate
 Best Business
  • Realign Wisconsin’s tax mix to maximize our economic competitiveness nationally.

  • Expand the outreach of
    MMAC/COSBE’s Executive Roundtable program to recruit more members to this valuable business network and peer resource.

  • Launch the Milwaukee 7’s third campaign to fund regional economic development.  

  • Align economic development incentives with the state’s new tax structure to ensure our economic development attraction and retention tools are competitive.
  • Re-launch the Supplier Diversity network with ethnically diverse businesses and area corporations to create new business and revenue for minority firms.
  • Refine a foreign direct investment  (FDI) strategy for European companies, which account for 62% of all FDI in the U.S.
  • Remove regulatory barriers that make metro Milwaukee a more costly and less efficient place to create jobs and do business.
Talent Retention & Attraction
  • Support FaB Milwaukee (Food and Beverage Manufacturing network), the Water Council and the Midwest Energy Research Consortium to grow these clusters.
  • Ensure long-term fiscal stability by responsible budgeting and reduction of debt.


  • Reform Wisconsin’s Worker’s Compensation system to make compliance simple and fair for employers.