The MMAC is the region's leader on issues that impact the business community and the area's economic development.


We are committed to creating the best business environment, attracting and retaining top talent, promoting education reform to ensure a qualified workforce, reforming the tax structure for a pro-business climate, and forging a meaningful, realistic consensus on infrastructure, transportation, health care and energy issues.

If you have any questions or comments about local, state or federal legislative matters, please contact:
Steve Baas - VP of Gov. Affairs, 414.287.4138
Andrew Davis - Dir. of Gov Affairs, 414.287.4141

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To leave a message for your representative, call the Legislative Hotline:

Legislative Hotline: (608) 266-9960
Toll-free Number: (800) 362-WISC (9472)
Hearing Impaired: (800) 228-2115
Fax: (608) 266-7038 (Faxes sent to this number will be delivered by a page)



U.S. Senate

U.S. House of Representatives

WI State Senate

WI State Assembly




Metro Milwaukee Legislators

 Sen. Dist. 3 
 Tim Carpenter, D
 Rep. Dist. 7 
 Daniel Riemer, D
 Rep. Dist. 8
 JoCasta Zamarripa, D
 Rep. Dist. 9
 Josh Zepnick, D
 Sen. Dist. 5 
 Leah Vukmir, R
 Rep. Dist. 13 
 Rob Hutton, R
 Rep. Dist. 14
 Dale Kooyenga, R
Rep. Dist. 15
 Joe Sanfelippo, R
 Sen. Dist. 7
 Chris Larson, D
 Rep. Dist. 19
 Jon Richards, D
 Rep. Dist. 20
 Christine Sinicki, D
 Rep. Dist. 21
 Jessie Rodriguez, R
 Sen. Dist. 11      
 Rep. Dist. 31
 Amy Loudenbeck, R 
 Rep. Dist. 32 
 Tyler August, R
 Rep. Dist. 33
 Steve Nass
, R
 Sen. Dist. 28 
 Mary Lazich, R
 Rep. Dist. 82
 Ken Skowronski, R
 Rep. Dist. 83
 Dave Craig, R
 Rep. Dist. 84
 Mike Kuglitsch, R

Sen. Dist. 4

 Lena Taylor


 Rep. Dist. 10
 Sandy Pasch (D)


 Rep. Dist. 11
 Mandela Barnes (D)


 Rep. Dist. 12
 Frederick Kessler (D)

 Sen. Dist. 6 
 Nikiya Harris, D


 Rep. Dist. 16 
 Leon Young, D

 Rep. Dist. 16 
 LaTonya Johnson, D
 Rep. Dist. 16 
 Evan Goyke, D
 Sen. Dist. 8
Alberta Darling, R
 Rep. Dist. 22
 Don Pridemore, R
 Rep. Dist. 23
 Jim Ott, R
 Rep. Dist. 24
 Daniel Knodl, R
 Sen. Dist. 20
 Glenn Grothman, R
 Rep. Dist. 58 
 Pat Strachota, R
 Rep. Dist. 59 
 Daniel LeMahieu, R
Rep. Dist. 60
 Duey Stroebel, R
 Sen. Dist. 33
 Paul Farrow, R
 Rep. Dist. 97 
 Bill Kramer, R
 Rep. Dist. 98 
 Adam Neylon, R
   Rep. Dist. 99
 Chris Kapenga, R


Constitutional Officers

Wisconsin's constitutional officers are elected every four years.

Scott Walker (R)
(608) 266-1212

Lt. Governor
Rebecca Kleefisch (R)
(608) 266-3516

Attorney General
J. B. Van Hollen (R)
(608) 266-1221

State Treasurer
Kurt Schuller (R)
(608) 266-1714

Secy. of State
Douglas LaFollette (D)
(608) 266-8888


State Supt. of Public Instruction
Tony Evers
(608) 266-8687

Senate Majority Leader
Scott Fitzgerald (R)
(608) 266-5660

Senate President
Michael Ellis (R)
(608) 266-0718

Senate Minority Leader
Chris Larson (D)
(608) 266-7505


Assembly Speaker
Robin Vos (R)
(608) 266-3387

Assembly Majority Leader
Bill Kramer (R)
(608) 266-8580

Assembly Minority Leader
Peter Barca (D)
(608) 266-5504